Visitation Policy

Dornoch Place Del Prado


 Objective: To provide the Community, Residents, and Visitors guidelines and protect the right of our residents for in-person visitation under Section 408.823, Florida Statutes.

  1. Infection control and education policies for visitors: All visitors are required to sign-in into visitor log upon entering the Community. Visitation policy that includes infection control is placed in the sign-in book for the visitors to review and follow the established protocols for visitations. By signing in, the visitor agrees in writing to follow these policies and procedures of the facility. Infection control policies may require a visitor to wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in certain circumstances, including wearing a face mask and other necessary PPE, and performing hand hygiene. Staff will provide directions on the proper use of PPE.
  2. Screening, personal protective equipment, and other infection control protocols for visitors: Visitors are required to sign-in into visitor log and will be required to answer health questionnaire during local communities’ disease outbreaks. Visitors who exhibit signs or symptoms of or have diagnoses of infectious disease that can be spread through droplet or airborne transmission should not enter the Community until the condition resolves to prevent the spread of the infection.
    1. All visitors are required to perform hand hygiene by use of hand sanitizer upon entering the facility. A hand sanitizer is available at the sign-in station at all times and is easily accessible to all visitors.
    2. The Community caregivers on duty clean and disinfect all surfaces identified as being touched with high-frequency (door knobs, tables, sitting areas) regularly throughout their shifts.
    3. This policy does not prohibit visits to Residents who are showing symptoms of or tested positive for communicable disease or being under quarantine. The Community will provide the visitors with infection control education and PPE in accordance with the most recent CDC guidelines.
  3. Length of visit: Dornoch Place does not limit the visiting hours or time duration for the visitations not imposed by the resident. Suggested visiting hours are 8 am to 9 pm daily. However, residents can have visitors at the facility 24/7 and 365 days a year as long as the visitations do not interfere with delivering care to residents and infringe upon the rights of other residents.
  4. Number of visitors: Dornoch Place does not have any limit set on the number of visitors to its facility. Residents asked to notify administrator if unusually large number of visitors, such as more than 6 persons, is expected to visit one resident at the same time so arrangements can be made to accommodate all visitors without interfering with caregiving and the rights of other residents.
  5. Designation: The facility Administrator is designated as a person responsible for staff adherence to visitation policies and procedures. The Administrator will provide in-service education to all existing personnel at the time of implementation of this policy and to new hires during their orientation as one-time procedure.
  6. Vaccines and immunity: Dornoch Place does not require visitors to provide proof of any vaccinations/ immunization status or proof of immunity. Visitors cannot be compelled to show or provide proof of vaccination or immunization status.
  7. Physical contact: There are no restrictions for physical contact between residents and visitors. Consensual physical contact allowed between a resident and a visitor.

For all questions regarding this visitation policy, contact the facility administrator: Aleksandra Levitina